Erasmus+ Convocatòria 2019 – Grau Mitjà

L’INS Mercè va presentat el passat 12 de febrer 2019, el Projecte KA1 Mobilitat de les Persones per Motius d’Aprenentatge, KA102 Mobilitat d’Estudiants i Personal de Formació Professional (Cicle Formatius de Grau Mitjà) “Training and Learning Aboard”.

The “Training and Learning Aboard” project aims to promote the internationalization of the Vocational Education and Training at the Mare de Déu de la Mercè VET and HE in Barcelona. We want to promote the professional development and level of employability of VET students through the improvement and acquisition of new professional, linguistic, and international competences, and the soft skills of all the staff (students, teachers, and team manager) of the college. We want to create training spaces that allow our students to adapt to the tendency of working in spaces and  interconnected environments, internationalized, multicultural and highly specialized, independent and autonomous staff. Our action plan includes three representative areas: language skills, the introduction of new working methodologies at the classroom and at the workshops, and the promotion of international mobility. This last action vector tries to influence and create the representative conditions and environments of the first two.

Our proposal focuses on the mobility of the students for performing on-the-job learning in companies and the realization of job shadowing for the teachers. Our goal is to increase the projection of Vocational Education and Training at a local, national and European level by using the mobility vector as the driving force. Likewise, we want to improve the professional, cultural and social competences of our educational community. In addition, we hope to create and foster the search and creation of new innovative methodologies at the teaching-learning process both, at theoretically and practical level, as well as during the training period in companies.

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